World Autism Views 2011: Who Responded?

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where do they live?

Over 2,500 people completed the World Autism Views 2011 survey between March 27 and April 16th, 2011.

They came from 99 countries representing 8 world regions as shown in the map. Click the map to go to the interactive version showing exactly where each respondent lived.

what is there interest in autism?

Our sample represented a range of different interests in autism. Some people who responded reported having autism, others were parents, family members, professionals or described themselves as having a "General Interest" or "other" interest.

what are their religions?

The majority of our sample, 42%, reported being Christian, 5% were Muslim, 4% Hindu, 4% Buddhist, 8% followed an other religion and 19% reported having no religion.

how much schooling have they received?

We reached a well educated sample of people, 70% of them had a least started higher education (university or college), 22% have a Masters degree or above.

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