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where do you want your child to go?

Do you want to have a conversation, watch him play with friends or see her living independently? Maybe for now you want to hear a first word or more laughter, feel a gentle touch, make bedtime and mealtimes easier or watch your children play together happily.

You may have realized that trying to teach these things to your child in the way you might approach a typically developing child doesn’t work very well. Are you looking for an approach that understands how your child experiences the world and allows you to relate to your child in a way that works for both of you? The Growth through Play System (GPS) leads you step-by-step to get you where you want to go with your child while helping you enjoy the journey of getting there.

Where are you now?

The GPS begins helping you get where you want to go with your child by first locating his or her current position on the developmental highway.
There is a natural sequence to the way children typically develop. We learn to crawl, before we can walk and to run long before we can ride a bike or do summersaults. When you locate where you child is currently on the social-communicative developmental sequence you can start working at a level that will bring you results much more quickly.

Many children with autism seem to skip pivotal developmental steps. For instance, a child may start using some words before learning to use non-verbal gestures or a full range of facial expressions. In typical development, these non-verbal skills form the foundation for the easy learning of language. When you try to teach more language to a child who hasn’t yet mastered the foundations of non-verbal communication it is often too challenging. It’s like trying to put the roof on your house before the foundation is finished! If teaching new skills is approached in the natural order then learning becomes easier and more fun for everyone involved. Oftentimes as parents, we want so much for our children to develop and grow, that we focus on helping them improve their most advanced developmental skills often overlooking those that are more basic. However, without the foundational skills developing more advanced skills is even more difficult, often leading to frustration for both parent and child alike.

The GPS Starter is an interactive, online tool designed for parents. It will help you to discover any pivotal steps your child may have missed along the way. Once you have identified the missing pieces then the GPS Starter will then help you know how to start working on the missing skills. All the suggested activities are fun to do, require no special equipment, and are designed to be played at home. Once you have tried a few things you’ll be able to speak with one of our highly experienced Autism Professionals to help you customize the recommendations even more specifically for your child.

In combination with the Sensory Processing Starter, the GPS Starter puts you in the driver’s seat of your child’s own home-based developmental, whole-brain program.

Both the Sensory Processing Starter and the GPS Starter are supported by the relate to autism online Parent Tools. This advanced web technology allows you to easily coordinate a home program with secure messaging, media sharing, scheduling, customized activity tracking and progress reporting.

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what others are saying

“When I first began using the GPS Starter, I was amazed to see how accurately it described Andrew and even more amazed to see how it identified key developmental steps that we’d completely overlooked. As we’ve used the activities recommended by the system with our son, we’ve experienced progress that we hadn’t seen before.”

Nicole S., PhD and mother.

"After filling out dozens of developmental profiles for my son, I was delighted to finally encounter a survey that addressed very specific, meaningful, and subtle behavioral and emotional stages. The GPS Starter is not only the most thorough questionnaire I have ever completed, but also the most instructive. Paying attention to subtle nuances of Quinn's language or eye contact or sharing intentions helped me to see all of Quinn's interactions and behaviors as meaningful, purposeful, necessary developmental steps. And, of course, the report/profile that was provided was immensely helpful in determining specific game ideas to encourage Quinn's growth. I can't tell you how helpful it was to our team to have a variety of games to introduce that were also clearly attached to reaching specific developmental goals.

When filling out medical and educational profiles, I am always left feeling as if my son is lacking in such severe ways that he will never find his way. The language and spirit of the GPS Starter system is positive and uplifting, focusing on your child's abilities, not disabilities and, unlike most other surveys, provides clear instruction for how you can personally work/play with your child on a daily basis to promote optimal growth. It's amazing."

Jenny L., author and mother.

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