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Relate to Autism offers the most comprehensive and powerful set of online tools currently available to parents on the web. Our advanced web technology is designed to put parents in the driver's seat of their own child's treatment program. Every parent of a child with autism is already acting as lead therapist, head teacher, primary caregiver, chief medical officer and "general contractor" for their child's treatment. Relate to Autism provides the tools you need to take on that role.

treatment tracking: find out what is working for your child

Like most parents of children with autism you are probably trying many different types of treatments for your child. With so many pieces to the puzzle how DO you know where to focus your time, money and effort? How do you know what has the most impact on your child and what has the least?

Your answers come from daily tracking of your child’s development, physical symptoms, diet, activities, and treatments combined with our online tools that generate reports and graphs so you can clearly see what’s working and what’s not.

The relate to autism Tracker is the tool to help you do this. Customize this tool so you only need to spend time each day tracking items that are important to your child. Select from hundreds of items in seven "progress" areas:
• General Health
• Self-Regulation
• Motor Development
• Social Interaction
• Communication
• Cognitive Development
• Daily Living
and in four "program" areas:
• Diet and Nutrition
• Supplements and Medication
• Teaching Strategies
• Physical Exercise
There is currently no other tool available for parents that can generate such specific reports of how your child is responding to treatments you try. Because we realize how important the Treatment Tracker is we have made it available for free to anyone, everywhere, forever.

coordinate your team: get everyone on the same page

There are surely many different people involved in your child’s development: therapists, teachers, doctors, nutritionists, friends and family members. Getting all these people on the same page and up to date with your child’s treatment program helps everyone work together more effectively. How much time have you spent bringing a new doctor or therapist up to speed on your child's development? Now you can just invite the new person into your secure Relate to Autism profile to view a complete treatment and developmental history of your child. Save time, keep everyone current while creating a secure, online, vault of your child's complete medical, educational and developmental history.

Your Relate to Autism account additionally provides a secure online central portal for your team to share multi-media information about your child, schedule therapy or play sessions and appointments and easily communicate with each other quickly and effectively.

The relate to autism Parent Tools help you:
• Invite professionals, helpers, friends and family to be part of your daily adventures with your child
• Coordinate smoothly between a multi-disciplinary team of professionals and helpers with My Calendar and the Messages system
• Streamline information sharing with multi-media File Sharing (upload documents and embed videos for a complete child development profile)
• Effortlessly manage your child's schedule of therapies, classes and supplements with the Schedule Wizard
• Access our growing library of multi-media information on autism and other relavent topics
• Access discounted individual support services from our Autism Professionals, Occupational Therapists, Parent Guides, Attitudinal Coaches and Holistic Health Councilors.
• And, of course, the Tracker
• Membership packages for the full suite of Parent Tools start at $17 per month

facilitate your child's development: the growth through play system (GPS)

Upgrade your account to access our unique online technology that will help you identify specific social-communication goals for your child and then tell you how to work on them at home. Read more about the Growth through Play System (GPS) here

what others are saying

"We recommend Relate to Autism for any parent interested in taking control of their child’s therapy. It allows you to categorize and quantify their progress in order to decide what and when certain aspects of their program helps your child or needs to be changed. It EMPOWERS parents in deciding the direction their child's therapy, medications, biomedical program and education supports should actually take. Furthermore, it fosters and expedites communications between therapists and physicians on the child’s team allowing them access to progress or regressions as well. You basically have at your fingertips both practical therapy and medically based information with quantifiable results. Plus in keeping with our mission of advocacy at the Coffee Klatch, we feel the information garnered from your Relate to Autism site can be a very useful tool when developing your child's all important Individualized Education Plan."

The Coffee Klatch, an advocacy/support group for parents of special needs children.

"The RTA Tracker multiplied the effectiveness and efficiency of our total treatment plan. Before the tracker, I was spending hours creating spreadsheets, printing them out, filling them out and then analyzing them to find correlations between medicines/ foods/ supplements/ therapy and behaviors. With the tracker I could do this all in one place and the tracker analyzed it for me saving me time and effort. Because of the tracker I was able to clearly see that one of her medicines was increasing yeast flare-ups and that a supplement was reducing seizures. As a parent trying to address all the special needs of my autistic child it has been my most comprehensive and thus most invaluable tool."

Christa P., Mom, Florida.


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