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Simple Steps You Can Take at Home

As a parent, you are the person who can help your child the most. While input from professionals can guide you, you as a parent know your child best. You have the deepest, most profound bond with your child and you can make the biggest impact. You can begin helping your child on a social-educational level right now. The following are simple steps you can take.

Embrace Your Child's Uniqueness
When you're not embracing you child’s level of development and unique way of relating to the world you are in a state of resistance. The effects of this range from emotional discomfort to complete exhaustion. It's tough to feel happy, loving and optimistic when you are constantly fighting your situation. As you embrace your child's level of development and diagnosis, you'll start to feel peaceful and at ease. You open yourself to a new world of possibilities.

It may sound a bit strange, but embracing our situation is often the critical first step to changing our situation. To read more about embracing autism, please click here.

Follow Your Child's Interests
As parents, we often attempt to involve children in activities that we think are more “appropriate” or “educational” than those that interest our children – especially when our child’s interests seem unusual. For a child with autism (or similar challenges), this is can be counter-productive. By engaging your child in activities that involve his or her own internal interests, you will create more opportunities for interaction and learning.

To read more about being responsive and following your child's interests, please click here.

Play Creatively
Play is the ultimate developmental tool. When we play we move beyond what we already know and experiment with new movements, sensations, ideas and ways of relating to each other. Children learn through play: solitary play; play with adults; and play with peers. New ideas are formed through creative play, innovations emerge from a state of play and relationships are deepened through play. Play inspires a love of learning in all of us. Play is essential to our development and our well-being.

All children are experts in play. Get down on the floor and follow your child. If you are starting from acceptance you can’t go wrong! Let go of any need to make the play go anywhere or to accomplish anything. Let go of trying to teach, you’ll learn much more this way! Let go of thinking about what other people might think of you rolling around on the floor. Let go of thinking about anything. Just do what your child does.

To read more about playing creatively, click here.

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